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Obviously, this is important

First, the actual rules for the forum:

- Be courteous. If you have a problem with someone, let an admin or moderator know. If it's a problem that can be resolved, we'll work to fix it.

- Private messages towards community members that are either attacking or rude will be dealt with, and the one sending the messages will most likely be banned.

- Raging at admins and mods due to character death/loss will also be dealt with, normally through a strong warning, but if it persists, you will be banned.

- Character creation must fit into the world in some way, whether it is as an existing Fallout faction, or a new one out of the box, it MUST fit into the world of Fallout.

The rules to the RP and the forum are quite simple.

This is a ROLEPLAY, meaning that acting like someone who isn't you is the goal. If you want to be a travelling doctor, go for it. If you want to be a marauding, jet-filled psychopath, go for it. If you want to be a Caesar's Legion slaver, go for it. The entire idea, however, comes down to being both:

A.) A character that fits into the Fallout universe

B.) Something that is both fair and realistic for the world

If you are looking to create a character, an admin will have to accept your character idea/concept before you are allowed to post using that character. Don't be afraid to think outside the box, or go dark with your ideas.

Lastly, this is made to be a post-apocalyptic RP in the Fallout universe, and you will have to act accordingly. Starting out with a full suit of power armor, decked out with plasma casters and miniguns is close to impossible. Everyone will start at the bottom; A few caps, some food, and a starter sidearm. Working your way up, whether by advancing in rank in one of the many factions, or killing your fellow wastelanders, is how you will make your way to better gear.

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