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The year is 2281.

The courier is dead.

Shot in the head in Goodsprings, their body left in a shallow grave. Benny, finding satisfaction in his work, made his way back to the Strip, the newly acquired Platinum Chip in hand. Knowing he needed to enter Caesar's land to activate his Securitron army, he attempted to sneak in with the aid of a stealth boy. Unfortunately, his attempt was not successful. Caught by Legion guards, he was crucified, his corpse left as a warning to any who tried to intrude on their land. Caesar, not knowing the importance of the Platinum Chip, dismissed it as a simple trinket, and threw it away. The Chip, now lost to the Mojave, leaves every faction vying for control of Hoover Dam. The Legion is becoming more aggressive and pushing into NCR territory, while the Brotherhood of Steel decides to send more patrols out into the Mojave after scouts report the situation brewing outside their walls. Gangs and raiders still run amok across the Mojave, making the wasteland even more unforgiving than before.

This is the world you find yourself in. Whether you are a member of the NCR, a Brotherhood of Steel soldier, A Legion Centurion, or somewhere in between, you have come to the Mojave seeking your future. Your choices are your own, and every one of them will have consequences. Choose your path wisely.

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